My schedule

Additional Information

Most days  I am available from 10am-5pm. I do visit my mother daily in assisted living  and may take some personal time. You may wish to call 715-848-4606 first to assure I am at home. 


               Sept 1-2               Call 715-848-4606 for availability    Labor Day Weekend 

  Sept. 3-6              10:00 AM-5 PM or later by APPT                          

Sept.7-8               By appt ONLY 715-848-4606                             

Sept. 9-13           10:00 AM-5 PM or later by APPT                        

    Sept. 14-15           By appt ONLY 715-848-4606                                 

Sept. 16-20          10:00 AM-5 PM or later by APPT                        

Sept. 21-22           By appt ONLY 715-848-4606                              

Sept. 23-27           10:00 AM-5 PM or later by APPT                       

Sept. 28-29           By appt ONLY 715-848-4606                              

Sept. 30                10:00 AM-5 PM or later by APPT                        



PICKUP/ DROP OFF BOX  I have a box next to my front door you can use 24/7. You can leave sewing items in the box with a work order including your name and contact  information. When sewing is completed, you may be able to pick it up and pay for it from the box.

SPECIAL Occasion Alterations- Please call to schedule your fitting as soon as possible (3-6 weeks)  If your dress is being ordered and will arrive shortly before the event CALL 715-848-4606 so I can  block sewing time just before your event.

VACATION- We do have a 3 week vacation planned for August 2019. August and early September events must be completed by August 10.  We also have some grandchildren time planned


 I may not hold true to regular hours due to visiting my mother daily, grandkids and fabric shopping.

To assure I am home, please call 715-848-4606 to schedule a time.

I am very flexible with my availability. CALL 715-848-4606

texts and emails are checked once per day